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This Sinclair Harding Great Wheel Skeleton clock features architecture from the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Oman and is the culmination of many hours of detailed design, manufacture and finishing.

The movement is a spring driven with 8 days power reserve and stopwork with a deadbeat escapement and silk suspended pendulum. Mounted on an Italian Nero Marquini marble base and protected with an opening door glass frame, the four adjustable feet represent the base elements of the four corner minarets which are located at the corners of the rectangular complex.

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“Complex Architecture can be miniaturised and incorporated into a clock design using existing or bespoke movements”


    Grand Mosque detail photo

    Clock Dial

    The Main clock dial and wheel crossings are inspired by some of the detail from the complex interior dome structure with contrasting textures of frosted and polished Rhodium plate finish.

    Grand Mosque detail photo

    Top Detail

    The top detail of the plates are styled on the Main Minaret, topped with a Gold finished finial and merged into the distinctive gold fretted dome.

    Grand Mosque detail photo

    Base Plinth Detail

    The movement sits on two plinths each having 48 parts, the outside details represents the calligraphy bays and North facade of the main prayer hall. The inside of each plinth features detail from the Riwaq Arches and miniature Bardiglio columns in the main prayer hall.

    Grand Mosque detail photo

    The Inspiration

    The engraved sub plate takes some of the intricate interlacing detail from central rose of the legendry Mosque carpet the design of which is based on the Shaykh Lutfallah dome in Isfaha, Oman.

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